So we are sitting with the Mother. Our Mother. She has been mortally wounded. We are at Her bedside. You know this place. We wonder if She can recover or if She will die. One way or another we have to be with Her. We can’t just hire a nurse or a technician to be with Her. We can’t leave Her in the hands of anonymous physicians who cannot possibly understand the full story of Her terrible illness.  We seek advice, yes but we must be with Her and bring healing to every aspect of Her pain and suffering.  If She is going to heal it will be because we are with Her each critical moment.

We are a large family and we all gather so we can bring all our gifts. Some of our siblings did research and found out what is poisoning Her, what adverse side-effects of Her / our lives are taking Her down. We stopped the poisoners. Some of our siblings found out who was beating Her and wounding Her. We stopped them too. Some of us discovered those who are plotting against Her and we are stopping them cold.

We are also gathering the community to sit with Her. We sit with Her day and night. Some of us drum and sing to Her. Some of us make her laugh,  Some of us pray and do ceremony, day and night. Some of us wash her body and ease her broken body   Some of us bring her food and drink, what will nurture her.  Some of us ease her fevers.

Some of us tell stories so she will remember and the memory of how she lived once, how we lived together will revive her,  We take her outside,  We bring her to the trees and the animals.  She feels the wind blowing again.  We bring her to the living waters and immerse her.  We sit her before the sacred fires.  Each action helps her toward health.

Somehow our lives change and become about being with our Mother full time so she can rally. We take turns but she is never alone, never without her family, never without those who love her. Not any one of us is away more than a day or two and even then we are always with her.  We discover, this is a good way to live.

This is what I mean:

This news about Trump and the other criminal murderers – can’t go the way of other headlines and news bulletins, We can’t succumb to  distraction, the next obligation or the next emergency.

She, our Mother, is who we must attend, no matter what else, every moment of Her/our lives. This pis the conundrum – Our Mother is dying and if she dies we die too. No one will survive Her dying, No one and no thing.

So we gather at her bedside. All of us. All the children and the grandchildren and the great grandchildren

And we do our work of changing the climate, which is killing Her and restoring a climate in which She can survive.

And we do it ceaselessly. 24/7. 365 days. For millennia, if necessary.

Nothing else matters. If She dies, we die and our children die. All beings die.

If She lives, then there will be life.

That simple.


  1. Gloria Orenstein June 10, 2018 at 2:26 pm

    Dear Deena, If you get any mail from a young woman named Fereshteh, know that I have recommended that she read you. i heard from her. She was seeking readings in ecofeminism–she lives in Iran====I have recommended you very highly and sent her the 6th issue of Dark Matter and now this. I think Dark Matter is a wonderful journal. I know you and was in short lived correspondence with Verena Stefan and know Kim Chernin—wrote about her in my Reflowering of the Goddess book.. Gathering of Elder-friends—so important and meaningful . I also published in Trivia about the Shaman of Samiland, ( I remember our visit to you), and something else that I don’t recall. I hardly ever, almost never get to temple these days. Overwhelmed by good things recently – Soon the little film on my story about the Women of Surrealism and the Shaman of Samiland will find it’s way to distribution. I will send you a trailer that was just online. Love and continue with your important work and teachings etc. Priceless treasures. And you son is beloved at Ahavat Torah, but as I said I go there rarely. I am friends with the Rabbi who came to my prize ceremony and with Linda Badger, who achieved her freedom from unwarranted prison –a sentence of 28 years when she was innocent—-by the work of USC’s women from the Law School, who took her on as a project. So we are bonded over USC, but since I stopped eating all meat, chicken, fish ((what? not Gloria? Wow) we are not longer bonded over our love of meat. Yes, I had one touch of Gout in one toe, and got put on a diet that is mostly carbs and veggies of course but no flesh and no alcohol, sugar etc. Through the carbs i lost 20 pounds without trying. (go figure this conundrum out) and I am just going veggie for the rest of my life. It turns out that purines (who ever heard of them before this one gout toe attack?) are the culprit, and they have inside of them another culprit, (whose name I did not write down), and it boils down to all that is in high protein diets of meats (which I loved) and now I have discovered that I love veggies and all sorts of combos –and one can do things with Thai vegetarian foods etc. So I’m fine with it, but I SURPRISED MYSELF. Deena I hope to read you more frequently ,as I come across your blog and your books I have ordered and your writings for journals . Blessings, Love, Gloria Orenstein


  2. Gloria Orenstein June 10, 2018 at 2:38 pm

    Dear Dina, This is just a trailer for the film that the Women’s Caucus for Art cinematographers made about my journeys with Leonora and the Women of Surrealism as well as with The Shaman of Samiland. It is a very short doc. of 20 min. but this Trailer is really too short to tell more than what the spirit of this terrific little film is. There is puppetry and collage and filmmaking–and my voice, and I tried to have my face taken out at the end, but you can’t win, because that’s what I looked like when they filmed me, but now that i have shed 20 pounds via the veggie route, I look better. They say they are fine with that because it is MY STORY , AND I HAVE TO BE SHOWN IN IT. SO, THERE YOU ARE.. It opens with me in my Salon Women dress from the seventies when I was a grad student. You will at least see that, and then I fly away with Leonora and so on . You get a good look at some of the Women of Surrealism’s art, and It is a pretty in your face, and surreal and perky, feisty film. Enjoy. The website is here in the letter below that I’m forwarding to you at this, the only address I have for you presently. Love, Gloria


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