I have a book that has ten spiritual questions on the cover as its title. I am giving it to a friend who is deeply concerned with transformation. Then the door to the house opens, and President Obama enters, hesitantly, asking permission by his humble posture. He looks at the book and I see that he wants it.
“Take it,” I say.
I understand in this moment that he is longing for an opportunity for consciousness, for a way deep into his soul.
Later, he comes to the door again. His longing is visible.
Then he is standing on the roof of the ten story building across the street that is visible through a window in my house. He looks miniscule. A very small man at the top of the world.
He may be the most important man or most powerful man in the world, but he is such a small man, looking down on the street, the world, with such a sad expression. What he sees makes him so sad.
He feels the loss in the world and the loss of the consciousness he can’t access. He wants to access it. He wonders and I wonder, seeing him there, so isolated, so alone, so fragile, how to make a bridge to it.


If we believe that dreams are sent by Spirit to enlighten us, to teach and instruct us in how to live, this dream calls for empathy and deep compassion.
How might we find non-conventional ways to support the President so that he can act in accordance with the soul promises he made and believed in?
How might we help protect him from the exigencies, dangers, the insanity of these times, and from the old guard that always surrounds a president?
How might we be alongside him so he can be alongside himself? How can we be alongside him so that he can govern, as I believe he wants to do, with absolute integrity? How can we, together, step out of the pattern of fear, conflict, violence, and on-going judgement that is overwhelming the country, while also finding the viable ways to justice, peace and restoration?
How might we, together, read and live accordingly to the ten questions on the cover of the book? How do we incorporate the possible answers in our daily lives on behalf of the future and all beings?
Here’s another question: What were the ten questions on the cover of the book that, if addressed, offer transformation?

Did you notice that if you put the cursor under ‘support the President’ you can send him a message?


  1. Leah Shelleda March 5, 2011 at 3:15 pm

    An important and difficult question! Presidents want help in the form of donations, organizing and voting. How do we reach a man so powerful, protected and privileged, in nontraditional ways? Get him to act in nontraditional ways, from soul not expediency? We thought that was what we were voting for. How do we get him to communicate with Americans on moral grounds, as visionaries and communication experts like Lakoff have called for? Do we ask for council as you did with the elephants?

  2. Deena Metzger March 5, 2011 at 3:52 pm

    Dear Leah:

    i think we must, as citizens of the world, ask the questions you are asking and then act accordingly. The dream leads us to ways of connecting that are far far beyond donations, organizingm, petitions and voting. What are they and how do we live them? Perhaps the ways we communicate with the President, this President, in particular, are inappropriate. What might new ways be? HE WAS SO SAD AND LONELY ON THE ROOF!
    i just added a question to the text: What were the ten questions on the cover of the book that would lead one to transformation?

  3. mickey morgan March 5, 2011 at 5:26 pm

    Just add line breaks (if you wish) to your rendition of this dream: you have a poem full of tenderness and acceptance of all suffering beings, as they BE.
    Yes, I believe you are breaking ground with Spirit . . . ahead of me on the Path. I rejoice in such a heart of Light as yours. Please, for the sake of all of us behind you, go deeper and deeper. Render your treasures to us when it is time.

    Robert A. Johnson’s Inner Work, a slim volume, uses Jung’s Active Imagination to analyze one’s dreams.

    Hello to Michael

    mickey, a crazy dakini clown always getting into hilarious trouble

    p.s. Tashi Delek! (I don’t know what this means). This is said everywhere in Tibetan clusters and Mongolian clusters of folk in Cincy and Bloomington, IN. They bring out the poker tables and eat candy and cookies and drink tea, tea, tea for a week; everybody plays. They watch Bollywood movies (the monks) and become like 9-year-old boys . . . noisy fun everywhere. Dancing and singing performances from Mongolia and Bloomington Comedy Country

  4. March 5, 2011 at 10:54 pm

    I want to know what the ten questions are?


  5. Ralph Abraham March 5, 2011 at 10:56 pm

    If we believe that dreams are sent by Spirit, then we should be able to believe that prayers or meditations can support the President … this may be a cop-out, but i can no longer think of any other way.

  6. Tom Resta March 6, 2011 at 6:18 am

    Not my writing but I think they are good starting points for discussion

    We take action that is born out of awareness, compassion and love, not out of reaction, fear and anger.

    We see relationships to others and the world in the context of our interdependence. We no longer see the “enemy” or “other” as isolated from ourselves. This does not strip away our ability to recognize and name injustice, but helps us understand that the root of both suffering and joy ultimately circles back to us because of our unity as a whole organism.

    We use power to empower others rather than to dominate over others.

    We bring the intention of love and compassion equally to the means and the ends, understanding that relationships are central to process.

    We cultivate mindfulness and the capacity to be present for others so that our relationships and actions are coming from intention and awareness.

    We accept paradox and mystery, which allows us to see that the truth can be ambiguous, complex, contradictory or unknowable. This, in turn, relieves us from the need to always classify into either/or, right and wrong.
    We seek balance in our lives to bring healing to self and others; balance between our inner and outer lives, and between our mind, body, heart, and spirit.
    We open our hearts to suffering rather than isolate ourselves from it so that we can cultivate self-understanding, empathy with others, and benefit from the wisdom that we gain from seeing reality as it is.
    We take responsibility for our actions and assume a duty to others that stretches beyond our capacity to anticipate consequences.
    We live from our values consistently across all of our social roles, including in both the private and public sphere of our lives.
    Spiritual activism provides an integrative framework for daily living that allows us to bring our unique gifts into our shared journey. By developing daily practices that increase our ability to be more compassionate and loving, we can help co-create a world that brings us out of the cycle of competition and war and into a new age of cooperation and peace.


  7. joey claytree March 6, 2011 at 4:47 pm

    I love the dream of President Obama, though sad.
    It echoes the conscious thoughts I have had about him, standing alone, trying to be a different president, trying to do better against so many odds and against the wall of the right that is growing stronger and stronger with groups like Tea Party, and constant negativity, constant blaming.
    I love Obama. He is not perfect and as a lesbian I’ve been bothered by some things, but I still have deep respect for Obama and I hope with everything in me that this solitary, spirited and intelligent man, can find a way to make the changes he so desired and get the support of the people.
    As you say Deena, how can we help?
    How about if democrats and individuals and groups and organizations showed a strong desire to stand with the president and organized as well and even better than the Tea Party? (It has to be better!).
    Democracy is the cry for so many around the world. Democracy. Freedom. Peace. Can we not get out there and be a force of peace and strength and support? Can people find a way to get out there and organize collectively?

    I would really like to know what the ten questions were on the cover of the book? Do you know what they were?

    Thanks for sharing your dream. I think it says so much. It matters because no matter the courage and heart of one individual like Obama who is a leader, community and support is needed to help realize the goals and dreams of a leader.
    Joey Claytree

  8. Deena Metzger March 7, 2011 at 5:16 pm

    Dear Joey:

    I don’t know the questions, as they book cover wasn’t clear. However, someone read the questions I had asked at our last Training Program for the 5th World about the ways to achieve Restoration (of the earth) and there were to and seemed exactly right. When she sends them to me, i will post them.

  9. Michelle Gubbay March 7, 2011 at 8:59 pm

    Hello dear Deena, thank you for all this … I’m leaving Wednesday for my trip to Israel and the Palestinian territories and don’t have time to think through a comment, but did just want to add my presence here, and my love.

  10. Ani Rose March 8, 2011 at 7:55 am

    wonderful. WONDERFUL!
    one of the questions?
    how do we remain large inside when we are “only one small person” facing the truths of life?
    (the need to let people like Barak remember DEEPLY that he is not alone.)

    thank you — re-posted on FB, and I sent a message to Barak.

  11. joyce michaelson March 8, 2011 at 1:56 pm

    Dear Deena, What a beautiful and sad dream. I believe we are all on that roof feeling so sad as we look out onto the world.
    Here are the ten questions as they spontaneously come to me:

    !1) How will you heal your soul from greed and fear?
    2) Are you willing to embrace the belief that healing your own soul can help to heal the world?
    3) If so, how will you act on that belief?
    4) Will you begin today?
    5) Out of the many, we are all one. What 10 people, places , events in your life can you inspire others to go forward with inner and outer healing?
    6) Will you embrace all living (and non living) entities as your brother and sister?
    7) Will you act boldly out of love instead of hiding behind fear and greed?
    8) Will you be kind to all you meet and show respect?
    9) Will you be willing to sit with enemies, or people you have previously scorned or feared and listen with an open heart and mind?
    10) Will you dedicate your life to the healing of yourself and the planet?

  12. Deena Metzger March 11, 2011 at 5:21 pm

    I think each question on the book leads the reader into a complex process that is central to one’s soul but that the reader can’t reach on his/her own. I think the questions are systematic – one leads to another. i don’t think the questions would be personally challenging, as in judgement, so much as challenging to all in a spiritual sense. We must remember they are are not addressed to the President, but to all of us who might be interested in transformation or vision and the President happens to see the book and knows he needs guidance. Though the questions you’ve listed above, Joyce, are important, I don’t think any one of them might be the title of that book, except, perhaps the first. (I don’t know the questions, but, nevertheless, I can feel the intent of the book as the dream presents it to all of us.) I am also certain that the questions would lead an intelligent and conscious readers beyond where they can go themselves. Otherwise, there would be no reason for the book and no reason the President would so desire to read it. If one is working with a dream, one has to accept the details and context the dream presents.

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